Scope of services

Passenger Handling Services (Domestic and

  • Passenger handling
  • Check-in, ticketing, boarding gate, passenger requiring
    mobility asisitance, VIP escort, etc.
  • CIQ coordination
  • Arrival service, baggage claim
    Tracing undelivered luggage, delivery to customer and damaged luggage service
  • Airport lounge service (Domestic)

Load Control and Flight Operation (Domestic and International)

  • Flight operations
  • Turnaround ramp cordination
  • Weight-and-balance, coordination of ramp areas for departing
    and arriving flights (e.g., adjusting aircraft parking aprons)
  • Preparation of loading plans and loading instructions
  • Operation management support service

Ramp Handling (Domestic and International)

  • Loading and unloading
    Loading and unloading, transporting services (baggage and
    cargo), operating PBB and PBL
  • Sorting area
    Baggage sorting
  • Aircraft ground support
    Marshaling, towing, pushback, cabin cleaning, lavatory and water services, etc.

Air Cargo Handling (Domestic and International)

  • Working as Agencies (Domestic)
    Reception, handover and delivery status update
  • Processing Transportation Documents (Domestic)
    Processing cargo data into the cargo system
  • Management of loading and unloading of air cargo
    Build up and breakdown of pallets, container handling and
    loading and unloading of aircraft

GSE (at Fukuoka Airport)

  • Pushback tugs 50T with GPU
  • Pushback tugs 25T with GPU
  • Towing Tractors
  • Passenger step car
  • Belt loaders
  • Tow-Bar Multi use (B737 series)
  • Tow-Bar Multi use (A320 series)
  • Tow-Bar Multi use (B767, 777, A330, A340-200, A340-300, A350)
  • High lift loader
  • Container dolly
  • Bulk cart